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Our agency advises students how to receive Chinese Government Scholarship for Bachelor, Master’s, Ph.D. degree.
The applicant can enroll without HSK scores, in conditional program at Chinese  University with Government scholarship. Usually it is best to apply and plan 1 year earlier than the class start date.

What is included in the Government Scholarships?

Chinese Government Scholarship /Full Tuition fee, Room and board, Stipend 2500-3500RMB/
Chinese State Scholarship /Full Tuition fee, Room and board, Stipend 500-1000RMB/

Admission Requirements and Documents / All documents need to be in English /

  • CV /Curriculum Vitae or Resume/

  • Study plan Essay / Bachelor's Degree 500 words, Master's 800 words, the Ph.D. 1200 words /

  • Passport

  • Diploma and transcript

  • Recommendation letter - 2

  • Photo - 2

  • Certificates, awards, additional activities, work experiences

  • Health Form /The form is provided from our agency/

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