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Location: Stockholm - Sweden

Karolinska Institute (KI), founded in 1810, is a world-leading medical university, founded by King Karl XIII in Sweden. Located in Stockholm, KI enrolls some 7,600 students with over 2,200 being in the Doctoral program. KI is one of the largest and most prestigious medical universities in the world.

Today, Karolinska institute is a modern medical university dedicated solely to the medical and health sciences! They are ranked as a top 50 university in the world and one of the top 10 medical schools in Europe. The university offers Doctoral, Graduate (Masters) and one bachelor's degree program. Courses are taught in English.

Karolinska institute offers six Global Master's Programs, taught in English with an international focus. Since 1901, the Nobel assembly at Karolinska Institute has selected the Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine. There are regular opportunities for all students to hear and see Nobel laureates in action, by attending their lectures or seminars on campus. 

Karolinska Institute is a one-faculty university dedicated solely to the medical and health sciences, with a reputation for top quality research and innovation. Academic standards for entry are very high.


  • World University ranking №38

  • World Regulation Rankings №61-70

  • Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health №15

  • Life Sciences №25

  • Psychology №19


  • Total enrollment: 7,424+

  • Tuition fees: $19,277+

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