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TOP STUDENTS Agency is established in 2014 and provides an opportunity to get the right education from the world top developed countries. Our agency has partnership and network of over 260 universities in the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, ITALY, SWEDEN, NETHERLAND, and CROATIA. We are an educational consultant agency that helps students to find the right University and Colleges.
The main service of our agency is seeking and providing 20 -100% scholarships to Bachelor;s, Masters and Doctors degree.

We also provide the following additional consultancy on:

  • Affordable Universities and Colleges

  • Bachelor, Master, Doctoral program.

  • 20-100% scholarship opportunities.

  • High School student exchange and Boarding School.

  • An official translation of all required documents.

  • Locating accommodation services.

  • Consulting for student visa applications.

  • Essay tips and documents checking.

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