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Our agency has partnership and network of Universities in the UK with Bachelor, Master’s and Ph.D. degree, and some of these schools offer scholarship between 10%-50%.

The main criterion is to have language proficiency test score. If your score is not adequate enough to reach the university requirement, there are pre-Bachelor and Master’s conditional or pathway program available. In some case the partner universities offer a small scholarships for these programs.

You should research the universities and prepare for the admission in advance, recommended 1 year before the classes start if you want to study abroad.

Admission documents required for Bachelor’s programs

  • IELTS OR TOEFL scores

  • Transcript or high school diploma

  • Recommendation letter /2 or 3 /

  • Essay

  • Passport

  • Certificates, awards, and additional activities

  • Bank statement

The Universities generally have higher requirement for Master and Ph.D. degree. Graduate

degree program scholarship’s main requirement is to have undergraduate GPA 3.5 or above, and

satisfactory IELTS and TOEFL score.

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